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CEPOVETT is a French industrial textile group founded in 1948 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, and a European leader on the workwear market. Its product ranges (workwear, uniforms, corporate and protective wear) respond to companies’ various professional clothing needs. A family business for three generations, today CEPOVETT is an expert in its field and a pioneer in the sale of textile solutions. More than just a clothing manufacturer, CEPOVETT also assists professionals in managing the outsourcing of their company clothing needs. CEPOVETT caters to everyone from sole traders to key accounts including AIR FRANCE, ACCORHOTELS, SNCF, RATP, Europcar, Orange, VINCI, NESPRESSO and the City of Paris. The group’s growth has been achieved through the acquisition and incorporation of external companies, namely local SMBs established in their territories, today constituting a solid group with nearly 295 employees.



CEPOVETT Group has integrated sustainable development for several years at the heart of its business strategy, business processes and tools.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, carried by The General Management, applies to the entire product life cycle: from conception to the end of professional clothing’s life. Declined in 10 areas of progress commitments, it is a lever for team mobilization, differentiation and sustainable value creation.


What they say about us...

  • Clémence NUTINI
    "Nespresso has been taking action promoting the circular economy for 20 years. Moreover, the company is increasing the proportion of recycled materials in all areas: in its machines, its capsules and its Coffee Specialists' uniforms. Thanks to the partnership with CEPOVETT, we're able to offer these meaningful tote bags to our Boutique employees. For us, this is a structuring element for involving all our employees in our circular economy initiatives."
    Sustainable Development Manager, Nespresso France
  • Christine MAGINOT
    "We chose EcoVadis because we felt we should work with experts and we didn't have in-house resources. EcoVadis enabled us to have a procedure, a supplier network and a structured method for assessing suppliers. It fits our needs perfectly and I think it can meet the needs of many businesses."
    Procurement Process and Performance Senior Manager Transformation - Digitalization Air France-KLM
  • Lionel VERNIER
    "Delighted to share my beekeeping experience on the roofs of Bercy with the company's employees. A collaborative, participative experience that raises awareness of the marvellous world of bees through practice."
    Delegated Management Middle Office, Milleis Bank
    "Since 2015, the circular economy has been central to the CEPOVETT Group's vision of new business models, from experimentation to change-of-scale, it invites us to rethink our production methods and services in order to reduce the use of resources: today CEPOVETT invents circular workwear."
    Director of Sustainable Development and External Relations
    "The forest area in Madagascar is decreasing, even though a lot of money has been spent on reforestation since 1960. Today, we wish to revolutionize the way reforestation is carried out in Madagascar. Instead of a lot of unnecessary reforestation, smaller reforestation projects will be carried out with a tangible impact. Our challenge is to find land for our plantations, it's a huge job to convince farmers to reforest their land."
    Founder, Bôndy social company
  • Louis Haendler
    "We're particularly proud that our first partnership in Madagascar for a hybrid solar installation was concluded in 2020, with Epsilon. Epsilon has been an acknowledged player and pioneer in the Madagascan fabric for many years for its responsible approach, its desire to minimize its footprint on the environment, as well as its commitment to local communities. Really, really well done and thank you so much for your trust."
    Sales and Marketing Director, Total Madagascar
  • Celine Lugnier
    "Our goal for the Greater Reims Urban Community is to maximize the durability of the protective clothing we buy for our various departments. Today, this Fluo Advanced range, with its reduced environmental footprint, helps raise our agents' awareness of the challenges of their jobs and public service missions, such as cleanliness and waste management."
    Deputy Director of General Resources, City of Reims
  • Ghislaine Giraud
    "In the design office we work together, as specialists, to provide technical know-how, experience in assembling and choosing materials, in compliance with changing regulatory requirements. This unusual period has enabled us to move beyond the technical limits of our profession".
    PPE Approval Manager
  • Jean-Luc Chabanne
    "Professional excellence is central to COET-MOF's raison d'être. A long tradition that rewards the mastery of French know-how is totally reflected here through this partnership with LAFONT, whose vision of professional excellence and common values we share."
    General Secretary, COET-MOF
  • "Since the beginning of this health crisis I feel totally protected in the office: physical distancing measures, hand sanitizers, reminders of health instructions everywhere and protective fabric masks for everyone: the can't-do-without accessory that we manufacture ourselves in the Group's factories."

    Call Centre Manager Paris