Manufacture, control, guarantee

A secure production that favors close sourcing

Our production quality policy is uncompromising both for the safety of the users of our garments and for the institutional image of our customers.
A professional garment must respect precise criteria in terms of technicality, ergonomics, resistance and safety.
All the CEPOVETT Group brands are responsible for the manufacture of the textile products made, scrupulously respecting the defined specifications: from the technical development to the manufacture on the production lines.
CEPOVETT Group has integrated industrial infrastructures in the Maghreb and in Madagascar allowing it to produce more than 10 000 000 garments per year. Owning our own factories brings the control of the traceability of our products, reactivity and flexibility, in order to ensure the best customer service.

Optimized logistics

CEPOVETT Group has 2 logistic centers in France, for 57000 m3 of storage space.

- In Gleizé (69), specialty: folded storage adapted to the workwear sector
- In Saint Quentin (02), speciality: suspended storage adapted to the uniform sector

In 2018, a significant investment was made to optimize the logistics department. Our WMS manages and optimizes each particular order, in the form of adapted packaging: grouped, individual or home orders. Our system is very good at handling so-called annual renewal orders and "run of the mill" delivery for hires and emergencies. Our teams are accustomed to this type of management, which is widely used by our clients.

Our logistics units are ideally placed to deliver each customer in the best possible time and conditions

70 agents are dedicated to order preparation and shipping and our process allows us to limit packaging errors.

Optimization, flexibility, IT, technological innovations and continuity of service between our sites are the key success factors of our supply chain.

Compliance of our processes and textile products

Controls on product quality and traceability exist throughout the production process, from the validation of referenced articles to the reception of productions on the logistics platform.

In addition to the controls carried out by our quality department, it provides real operational progress paths for the entire organization.

Our quality approach is certified ISO 9001 version 2014: whether it is for the recommended raw materials, the manufacture of articles and our additional services, our global quality policy guarantees compliance for all our processes as well as for the textile products supplied to our customers.

ISO 9001 certification l Sampling control plan (upstream/downstream) l 25 integrated quality controllers l More than 10,000 controls performed per year

Management of orders in campaign or in the course of the water

CEPOVETT Group remains close to your expectations by ensuring sales as they happen (short circuit), with a delivery the following days, or in campaign (long circuit) with an order period of several weeks, then a delivery campaign.

Solution for the recycling of end-of-life professional clothing

CEPOVETT Group has made the textile recycling and the revalorization of textile products at the end of their life a priority in its corporate social responsibility policy. Innovative, tailor-made solutions, both socio-economic and environmental, including solidarity textile recycling operations.
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