At a time when one in two workers wears a uniform, work clothing represents an intimate link between an organisation and its employees.

It helps to rally and strengthen employees’ feeling of belonging to the company culture. Making the employee an active player consists first of all in listening to their needs, analysing the constraints of their workstations and involving them in all the concerns of a new collection. With this in mind, CEPOVETT offers exclusive solutions in collaboration with the users of its clothing.

2019 Results

  • Solidarity partnership with Father Opeka50%
  • 'One child, one tree' programme for the future generations70%
  • 5 CSR projects co-created with our clients 100%

Orange 2019 customer convention

Orange is one of the world's leading telecommunication operators.

In 2019, Orange invited its professional clothing and uniform supplier CEPOVETT to its customer convention in Nice. It was an opportunity for the French SME to contribute its textile expertise to a fashion show with the employees during this big event, in order to show everyone the new collection designed by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac.

  • Gaelle Le Vu, Orange France

    "Environmental issues and our actions in the circular economy form one of the main areas of our strategic plan. Our image-building outfits are part of this approach: we favour outfits made from certified raw materials. By collecting and then recycling them, we can turn them into new products for us to re-use."

    Communications Director, Orange France
  • "Recycling is essential to reducing our impact on ecosystems. Here we manufacture technical and ethical clothing, we measure the benefits of our programmes on overall quality, both economically, socially and environmentally, on a daily basis."

    Olivier CUA
    Managing director, Epsilon
  • Père Pedro

    “I thank all of those who have welcomed me with so much respect and in a fraternal spirit and who have generously given financial support to allow us to continue this miracle at Akamasoa for 24 years. With these donations, we can offer the children of Madagascar a better future and we can involve them in protecting our planet.”

    Père Pèdro
    Priest and founder of the Akamasoa association

The insurgent of Madagascar

Fair Trade partnership with Father Opeka

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Project a CSR approach

5 CSR projects cocreated with our clients

Protecting future generations

“One child, one tree” inclusive programme to raise awareness among future generations