At a time when one in two workers wears work attire, workwear represents an intimate link between an organization and its employees

It helps rally and strengthen employees’ feeling of belonging to Company culture. Making the employee an active player consists first of all in listening to their needs, analysing the constraints of their jobs and involving them in all the challenges of a new collection. With this in mind, CEPOVETT offers exclusive solutions hand-in-hand with its clothing consumers.

Air France raises employee awareness

Don't leave uniforms hidden away in cupboards anymore but give them a new lease of life and reduce waste: this is the message that CEPOVETT delivers to its customers, inviting them to collect items of company clothing they no longer wear. This highly commendable initiative is designed to give employees a say in what they wear to work and to raise awareness of the value of wearing a uniform. The airline, Air France, for instance, recently organised several "clothing forums" at its Orly and Roissy sites, with the help of its supplier OX'BRIDGE. These were key opportunities to raise awareness of the brand's values, updates on items in the collection and reminders of the related services available to personnel at various airports. Several hundred employees were briefed, a large number of user feedbacks were collected and thousands of tonnes of used items were collected to be recycled as part of the ENCORE re-use and recycling programme.

  • Salomé Delabrosse, Chef de projet Environnement ORANGE
    The design as well as the approach to collect and recycle our brand image outfits are initiatives that are totally in keeping with Orange's environmental challenges. We wish to continue to develop the reuse of our clothing and, at the same time, make our employees aware of circular economy principles.
    Chef de projet Environnement ORANGE
  • Valere Leclerc

    "This show of solidarity is an extension of a visit to a garment factory in Madagascar during the manufacture of the new waistcoat for post office customer service representatives. After meeting the local population of this country on the other side of the world, we wanted to do something for future generations.

    Valère LECLERC
    Chef de projet Communication au Réseau La Poste
  • "At the same time that the city of Paris is adopting its responsible public procurement scheme, we were the first local authority in France to buy fair trade cotton workwear back in 2007 and show that it was possible."

    Rachid SIFANY
    Ingénieur divisionnaire, Chef du bureau de l’habillement de la ville de Paris
  • "The future of workwear will defifinitely involve consuming less but better and,above all, producing differently. These crises make us reimagine our profession, accelerate our transformation and review our business models to create new value, in particular, through more services related to our products. And, this is exactly where our customers expect us to be today."
    Directeur Général CEPOVETT
  • Clémence NUTINI
    "Nespresso has been taking action promoting the circular economy for 20 years. Moreover, the company is increasing the proportion of recycled materials in all areas: in its machines, its capsules and its Coffee Specialists' uniforms. Thanks to the partnership with CEPOVETT, we're able to offer these meaningful tote bags to our Boutique employees. For us, this is a structuring element for involving all our employees in our circular economy initiatives."
    Clémence NUTINI
    Responsable Développement Durable Nespresso France
  • Gaelle Le Vu, Orange France

    "Environmental issues and our actions in the circular economy form one of the main areas of our strategic plan. Our image-building outfits are part of this approach: we favour outfits made from certified raw materials. By collecting and then recycling them, we can turn them into new products for us to re-use."

    Gaëlle Le Vu
    Directrice de la Communication Orange France
  • "Recycling is essential to reducing our impact on ecosystems. Here we manufacture technical and ethical clothing, we measure the benefits of our programmes on overall quality, both economically, socially and environmentally, on a daily basis."

    Olivier CUA
    Managing director, Epsilon
  • Père Pedro

    “I thank all of those who have welcomed me with so much respect and in a fraternal spirit and who have generously given financial support to allow us to continue this miracle at Akamasoa for 24 years. With these donations, we can offer the children of Madagascar a better future and we can involve them in protecting our planet.”

    Père Pèdro
    Priest and founder of the Akamasoa association



Our workwear is designed and manufactured under ethical and socially responsible conditions. In particular, they contribute to the protection of human rights, the preservation of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity. For us, every gesture counts, demonstrating our sincere commitment to future generations. #PositiveImpact