In recent years, procurement has become a strategic role in the Company.

The concept of responsible purchasing and sustainable development is spreading in many companies, both in the private sector and in the public sector, with a focus on cost optimization, quality control and social and environmental risk management. CEPOVETT is striving towards a culture that is increasingly respectful of people in the workplace, more eco-friendly and more supportive, including through its purchases.

Reducing the carbon impact of our suppliers

Since the Loi Grenelle 2 came into force, companies with more than 500 employees must provide a greenhouse gas emissions balance sheet (BEGES) that includes their relevant direct and indirect emissions. For the textile industry, this means working hand in hand with suppliers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint throughout the supply chain. CEPOVETT is firmly committed to responsible purchasing and has set up a system to support and monitor its industry partners through awareness campaigns, impact measurements and other actions to reduce the carbon footprint of its suppliers. For example, EPSILON, the clothing manufacturer illustrates this commitment to responsible production through its exemplary decarbonisation practices. For the past 4 years, the company has been making the transition to a low-carbon energy mix by producing its own electricity.

  • Nicolas Fosseux, Expert textile Workwear CEPOVETT
    Given the decisive environmental challenges at hand for the coming decades, bringing together the creations of our strategic suppliers, our facilities and our laboratory means combining the best current technical know-how to make the clothing sector a very high added value for our customers. By embracing talents and, at the same time, optimizing flows, Cepovett has managed to harmonize costs, quality and ethics.
    Nicolas FOSSEUX
    Expert textile Workwear CEPOVETT
  • "We're proud to be able to collaborate with our partner CEPOVETT Group and put our shared vision of the circular economy to work for the professional textile industry. One of our strengths is our ability to co-construct and innovate with our customers, on - tailor-made - yarns linked to meaningful projects."

    Fabrice LODETTI
    Gérant des Filatures du Parc
  • Marc Jacouton

    "Dialogue and co-construction with our stakeholders are powerful levers in our CSR policy to create shared value. Our FabLab program is a veritable laboratory for eco-socio-innovative experimentation, particularly with our factories."

    Directeur du développement durable et relations extérieures
  • Christine MAGINOT
    "We chose EcoVadis because we felt we should work with experts and we didn't have in-house resources. EcoVadis enabled us to have a procedure, a supplier network and a structured method for assessing suppliers. It fits our needs perfectly and I think it can meet the needs of many businesses."
    Christine MAGINOT
    Procurement Process and Performance Senior Manager Transformation - Digitalization Air France-KLM
  • Sebastien Marie, CEPOVETT Group

    "Our design studio has applied all of its expertise gained in the protective clothing sector in order to design, and validate with the DGA (French Directorate General of Armaments) and the IFTH (French Institute of Textiles and Clothing), a consumer range of 100% woven fabric masks: a high-performance technical solution that brings safety and comfort to users."

    Sébastien MARIE
    Responsable développement Technique & EPI CEPOVETT Group
  • Marie-Pierre Triolier

    "Responsible purchasing is becoming a prerequisite in the way we buy, both to reduce risks and to meet the ethical requirements of our key account customers who are concerned by the duty of care law. The opportunity to progress hand in hand with our internal teams, purchasing, HSQE, operations, CSR and our production workshops."

    Marie-Pierre TRIOLIER
    Project Manager
  • “We are proud to be able to share our ethical vision and inclusive production model, as an adapted business in Ukraine, with our customer, CEPOVETT Group. One of our strengths is our ability to develop and empower employees disabilities, while ensuring the sustained performance of our manufacturing workshops. This project means a lot to us and our customers.”

    Yuri Gorochak
    Manager of Siluet, Member of the Presidium of the Ukrainian General Council for the Deaf



Our workwear is designed and manufactured under ethical and socially responsible conditions. In particular, they contribute to the protection of human rights, the preservation of natural resources and the protection of biodiversity. For us, every gesture counts, demonstrating our sincere commitment to future generations. #PositiveImpact