Helped along by sustained growth over many years.

Led by sustained growth over several years, CEPOVETT employees benefit from opportunities for career development and local mobility, as well as alternative employment opportunities within the group. By enabling those who wish to progress to do so, through continuing training or by taking on young apprentices, we enrich our collective know-how and encourage the transmission of skills.

Teleworking, a component of information system modernization

As teleworking became widespread during the health crisis, CEPOVETT did its utmost to ensure that its employees were operational and efficient.

Thanks to its IT infrastructure capable of handling the increase in server connections, the Group quickly rolled out secure, collaborative, user-friendly tools. As such, it managed to maintain its teams' level of productivity and continuity of service for its customers. Videoconferencing ensured remote contact was kept with in-house staff as well as external parties. Moreover, IT teams were also called on to initiate employees in the use of tools and applications. Last but not least, data security was ensured by installing a virtual private network (VPN). Although the experience was satisfactory, it showed that in order to preserve social links and team cohesion, new, more interactive solutions - such as instant messaging - should be tried out.

  • "Since the beginning of this health crisis I feel totally protected in the office: physical distancing measures, hand sanitizers, reminders of health instructions everywhere and protective fabric masks for everyone: the can't-do-without accessory that we manufacture ourselves in the Group's factories."

    Call Centre Manager Paris
  • "Gaining a new client is like stepping onto the podium in a sports competition. Employee and runner share the same state of mind, the same taste for effort, the fighting spirit, and challenges: setting goals individually and collectively, then surpassing ourselves to achieve them. "

    Sales Manager, Key Accounts
  • Antonin MAUDUY

    "The work-study program is a major asset that allows you to obtain your diploma and acquire your first professional experience simultaneously. In the digital field, it’s important to put your knowledge into practice right away, as the sector is evolving extremely quickly. This means I can learn theory at school and apply this knowledge in the field while working on full and varied projects."

    Antonin MAUDUY
    Assistant Project Manager, Webmarketing
  • Pierre MINASSIAN

    “The CEPOVETT Group head office extension project reflects an architectural vision that is mindful of the well-being of staff and optimising space and movement. The choice of high-quality, recyclable materials such as wood, glass, metal and concrete offer good light transmission and high thermal and acoustic performance. The addition of a forest ecosystem in the building’s central patio also perfectly captures the company’s principles: sustainability, naturalness, interdependence, alignment of mind and body and consideration for the well-being of all.”

    Pierre MINASSIAN
    Architect (DGPR-qualified)



For many years, CEPOVETT Group has placed sustainable development at the heart of its business strategy, operational processes and systems, underlining a commitment to socially and economically responsible occupational clothing.