Helped along by sustained growth over many years.

Led by sustained growth over several years, CEPOVETT employees benefit from opportunities for career development and local mobility, as well as alternative employment opportunities within the group. By enabling those who wish to progress to do so, through continuing training or by taking on young apprentices, we enrich our collective know-how and encourage the transmission of skills.

More sport, less stress, a winning
Company move

Given today's worrying economic and geopolitical climate, company
sport has become a key component of wellness in the workplace.
Yoga, pilates and running are all well-known as stress-relieving activities. In
addition to its health benefits (better sleep, better bone condition) and preventive benefits (less risk of diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, etc.), sport boosts employees' selfesteem and fosters team cohesion. With this in mind, every year, CEPOVETT organizes the Beaujolais Marathon, a key moment for the Company where employees gather together for a festive and sportive event that takes place in the Company's region. This sporting highlight brings together employees from every department around a common project, both before and after the race. What's more, the Company now has its own sports centre in its new Parisian premises. A sports incentive inspired by the PARIS 2024 Olympic Games' vision.

  • Delphine Plassard, Chargée de mission Ressource Humaine CEPOVETT
    After two years of Covid, it's vital to get employees involved through a training plan tailored to their wishes and needs. By upskilling, the Company ensures its know-how remains at a high level of technical expertise and it can tailor to market changes as well as to our customers' expectations.
    Delphine PLASSARD
    Chargée de mission Ressource Humaine CEPOVETT
  • Marlène GRENERON

    "In 2016, CEPOVETT Group decided to strengthen its collaboration on human resources management activities. My role is to support the company on all HR issues and provide operational advice, with one objective: to implement a genuine HR policy."

    Marlène GRENERON
    Responsable RH CEPOVETT Group
  • Sabrina LENFANT

    "I'm in charge of the design office in France, and now I've been given the opportunity to be seconded for a year to our production site in Madagascar, to strengthen and coordinate the design office on site. Training employees, sharing know-how: the objectives of my mission are ambitious and extremely motivating."

    Sabrina LENFANT
    Responsable bureau d’étude
  • "Training for our teams is one of our key concerns for 2022. In this post-Covid period, it is vital to unify, to train and to mobilize our employees to meet the new challenges that CEPOVETT will have to address today and tomorrow."
    Prisca DONA
    Chargée de mission RH CEPOVETT
  • "Since the beginning of this health crisis I feel totally protected in the office: physical distancing measures, hand sanitizers, reminders of health instructions everywhere and protective fabric masks for everyone: the can't-do-without accessory that we manufacture ourselves in the Group's factories."

    Paula TEILLET
    Responsable Call Center Paris
  • "Gaining a new client is like stepping onto the podium in a sports competition. Employee and runner share the same state of mind, the same taste for effort, the fighting spirit, and challenges: setting goals individually and collectively, then surpassing ourselves to achieve them. "

    Philippe DALICHOUX
    Directeur Commercial Grands Comptes CEPOVETT Group
  • Antonin MAUDUY

    "The work-study program is a major asset that allows you to obtain your diploma and acquire your first professional experience simultaneously. In the digital field, it’s important to put your knowledge into practice right away, as the sector is evolving extremely quickly. This means I can learn theory at school and apply this knowledge in the field while working on full and varied projects."

    Antonin MAUDUY
    Assistant Project Manager, Webmarketing
  • Pierre MINASSIAN

    “The CEPOVETT Group head office extension project reflects an architectural vision that is mindful of the well-being of staff and optimising space and movement. The choice of high-quality, recyclable materials such as wood, glass, metal and concrete offer good light transmission and high thermal and acoustic performance. The addition of a forest ecosystem in the building’s central patio also perfectly captures the company’s principles: sustainability, naturalness, interdependence, alignment of mind and body and consideration for the well-being of all.”

    Pierre MINASSIAN
    Architect (DGPR-qualified)



For many years, CEPOVETT Group has placed sustainable development at the heart of its business strategy, operational processes and systems, underlining a commitment to socially and economically responsible occupational clothing.