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The ISO 14001 standard, a tool for continuous improvement dedicated to business performance and innovation, provides a framework for rolling out an environmental management system. In 2020, the CEPOVETT Group renewed this certification with the aim of limiting its pollution and negative externalities on all its sites. Over the years, the company has built up an interdisciplinary environmental management approach involving management, employees and stakeholders; an approach that is interdependent with quality, health, safety and social issues... Its strategy is based on 3 fundamental concepts: goodwill, performance and pragmatism. Like the arboriculturist who takes care of their trees, the CEPOVETT Group works on all the stages of the environmental management process: listening and diagnosis, implementation, development control and improvement, in order to obtain the best results in a sustainable, continuous manner.


Ceponature garden of delights

The planting a PULLMAN-CEPOVETT conservation orchard began as a joint initiative in 2015, in line with the CSR policy and circular economy principles. The scheme continued in 2019 with the creation of a collaborative kitchen garden, led by a team of employees who were enthusiastic about the project despite coming from a wide range of different areas of the business. This experiment brought employees together to work in an orchard of 58m2. Each person spent between 1 and 2 hours digging the land and received training in permaculture (growing crops without inputs or pesticides). This collective working of the land helped the company to put down roots in the soil, symbolically speaking, while creating moments of sharing and experience for the staff. In the spring, the CEPOVETT teams will reap the fruits of their labour by harvesting perennial and aromatic plants for making the herbal teas prepared by employees in the tearoom.


Our employees are the ambassadors of our eco-action initiative

CEPOVETT’s move to its new headquarters marked a turning point in 2019. Employees now have a working environment that ensures professional well-being. This eco-actions initiative is the first step in a global approach to encourage employees to become active players and ambassadors for a policy that sets out at reducing the company’s negative impacts. As such, a number of employees at the Villefranche-sur-Saône site have initiated their own ecologically responsible projects, ranging from waste collection and sorting to considering the implementation of a company vegetable garden and compost bin.

2019 Results

    • Recycled polyester in the collections10%
    • Deployment of the Cepovett eco-action programme75%
    • Recycling of waste, including bio-waste80%


Agile and responsive production tools

CEPOVETT Group has made the reduction of its environmental impact a major and daily task. Integrating environmental protection into its progress and innovation processes, CEPOVETT Group's production sites develop, according to their own challenges, good industrial practices aimed at improving the environmental quality of their processes and infrastructures. Convinced that it is possible to mobilise its users and encourage them to adopt the right gestures concerning the maintenance of work clothes, the company has produced an eco-maintenance guide for professional clothing.
If the company has decided to put water saving at the heart of its concerns, it is because 60% of the impact in water and energy is linked to the user and the washing method he chooses. In order to help companies and users to take good care of their professional clothing, CEPOVETT Group makes everyone aware of the need to reduce the consumption of water, energy and detergent products. In addition, the company's new head office has taken this energy-saving dimension into account with efficient insulating materials and a new building that optimises energy consumption.

2018 Results

    • Raising awareness of ecologically and sociologically friendly conceptions from the design office50%
    • Launch of of the CEPOVETT eco-actions initiative100%
    • 100% of waste recycled80%


2017 Report

Integrating environmental protection into its progress and innovation approaches, CEPOVETT Group's production sites develop, according to their own challenges, good industrial practices aimed at improving the environmental quality of their processes and infrastructures. In 2016, the EPSILON CEPOVETT Group industrial site in Madagascar implemented a new production line with sewing machines that emit less heat. The installation of optimised, less energy-consuming motors has contributed to a double benefit both for the well-being of the operators and in terms of electricity consumption.
Nearly 3,000 LED tubes were replaced for the lighting of the 20,000 m² site, resulting in energy savings of around 5%. In addition, a new biomass boiler with an integrated water pre-heating system was purchased, fuelled by compressed wood waste briquettes made from dehydrated recycled material. This new equipment generates an annual energy efficiency gain of almost 30% compared to conventional wood. The recycled and compressed wood fuels are produced on the island, generating transport savings.

2017 Results

    • Promotion of eco-social design50%
    • Environmental product display100%
    • Optimising energy consumption80%


Environmental management of the supply chain

CEPOVETT Group is committed to implementing environmental management based on the ISO 14001 standard in order to better identify the environmental impacts generated by its activities. This voluntary approach was made concrete by obtaining ISO 14001 certification at the end of 2015. After several years of raising the awareness of the teams to eco-citizen actions, the new challenge of ISO 14001 has enabled the deployment of a real, complete, concrete and above all innovative system involving the site's employees:
• LED lighting of service platforms
• Selective sorting of waste from administrative areas to storage areas
• Automation to reduce energy and water consumption (sensors, motion detection cells, etc
• Installation of low consumption printers and automatic printing in black and white, double-sided and economy mode
By integrating energy issues at all levels of the supply chain, CEPOVETT Group has succeeded in reconciling economic growth with respect for the environment. Today, the group manages to control and reduce its energy costs, thanks to investments in new technologies and the renovation of equipment.

2016 Results

    • Environmental product labelling on data sheets100%
    • 100% recycling of waste80%
    • Programme to support and raise awareness of environmental management in factories20%