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Textile recycling


The CEPOVETT group has prioritised the reclamation and recycling of its end-of-life textile products in its corporate and social responsibility policy.

Innovative, bespoke solutions that are socially, economically and environmentally friendly, particularly joint textile recycling operations coordinated as part of an exclusive partnership with SITA Recyclage NTA/Suez Environnement.

The possibilities for transforming these textiles into new materials also include re-using them as part of a socially responsible scheme (2nd life, cleaning cloths, etc.) and recycling textile waste into thermo-phonic insulation for the European automobile industry.

We co-produce innovative reclamation and recycling solutions for our customers’ textile waste, in line with our CSR objectives.

Marc JACOUTON – Sustainable Development and Communications Manager – Cepovett group

Textile recycling