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DuPont™ Nomex® Partner Program

Publié le 02 February 2015

DuPont ™  Nomex ®  Partner Program

The DuPont ™  Nomex ®  Partner Program is a network of mill owners,  weavers and clothing manufacturers, strictly selected to become partners.

CEPOVETT is member of DuPont ™  Nomex ®  Partner Program since 2013. This partnership allows us to develop innovative products, in phase with market demand, in a continuous willing of improving performance and users safety.

Being a partner of Dupont® Nomex® is a guarantee for our customers of :

•  CEPOVETT reliability :  ethic, financial stability, quality controls, technical expertise and responsibility towards our customers are part of the strict criteria taken into consideration to become a Nomex® partner.

•  CEPOVETT  innovation : as a partner, we are the first to be able to sale the last Nomex® textile innovation.

•  CEPOVETT quality: being a  partner implies a continuous supervision of our products quality, to guarantee the traceability of materials.