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Workwear and Sportswear : A common story

Publié le 16 December 2014

Borders between workwear and sportswear have  always been very close: the story of these two “fashion trends” always crossed.

Blue jeans are a perfect example: originally worn by American workers at the end of the XIXth century, denim jeans are now part of the cloakroom of all social categories worldwide, revisited by the most famous fashion designers.

Today reintroduced in workwear world, denim jeans have been rethought with more functional details for craftsmen, logisticians or warehousemen, integrating  polyamid reinforcements, or even knee pockets for knee pads.

Traditional “blue workwear” , first designed to protect workers against wounds and dirt, are now an inexhaustible source of creation for the designers who make it an object of sharp fashion.

Workers want today to wear not only protective and functional clothes, but also comfortable and fashion garments.

Concerning comfort, breathable or stretch fabrics, but also knitted items such as fleece and hoodies become the reference. Outdoor, skateboard and snowboard trends  feed inspirations of workwear collections.

Concerning look, workers want to be able to go out in the street or have their lunch break without “looking like” wearing working clothes. Traditional colors like bugatti blue or green disappear to be replaced by more trendy and sober colors like dark grey, navy,  black, or beige sand.

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