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The new PPE range “FLASH TECH”

Publié le 17 November 2014

Specialist of PPE garments, our Safety Wear subsidiary has developed the new FLASH TECH range :  trousers and jacket specially designed for protection against electric arcs thermal risks.
Using a fabric patented and certified by Dupont ™, FLASH TECH is certified according ISO 61482-2 Class 2. Compliant with industrial wash, this fabric offers a maximal protection, with a high ATPV value of 33cal / cm2, for a minimal weight of 410g
The characteristic ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value) indicates the heat energy to which a fabric can be exposed, without causing second degree burns to user. The higher the value ATPV of a material is, the better it protects the user.
Comfortable and soft, this light innovative fabric consists of a Nomex® double fabric as outer shell combined with a hydrophilic Nomex® lining fabric.

Numerous pockets, contrasted details and stitches give this range a unique design, available in Dark Blue/ Red and Dark blue/ Royal Blue.

Presented at Expoprotection exhibition in Paris, FLASH TECH will be available in stock next Spring 2015.