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The secret behind “Made in France” textiles

Publié le 19 May 2014

They are leaders in their field, at the cutting edge of innovation and services, yet unknown to the general public. We take a look at these “champions in the shadows”, often family-run SMBs who are getting to grips with the crisis.

France has not lost its occupational textile industry! However, whilst this industry employed nearly a million people in France at the beginning of the 1980s, INSEE reported this figure as just 100,000 at the end of 2013.

Clothing your employees in “Made in France” wear is both feasible and responsible.

Ambassadors for the quality and durability of occupational wear, the Cepovett group forms part of the great tradition of French textile manufacturers, keenly championing expertise, and focusing on integrating the entire value chain across the country: design, spinning, weaving, dyeing, manufacturing and distribution – all “Made in France”.

Sharing a common vision of occupational wear with its ecosystem of French manufacturing partners, the Cepovett group is helping to minimise the environmental impact of occupational wear and maximise its socio-economic benefits across the country.