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CEPOVETT photoluminescent occupational wear

Publié le 16 May 2014

The Cepovett Workwear brand has brought out its latest innovation: a range of self-charging clothing that releases light at night, just like a glow worm! Perfect for navigating the dark in complete safety.

Walking along the road at night wearing a reflective vest will offer no protection at all if a car drives past with no lights on. That’s where this photoluminescent clothing differs, as it doesn’t need to be lit up to show you’re there.

This innovation has been developed in conjunction with TDV Industries, a French SMB based in Laval, enabling the CEPOVETT group to enhance its range of PPE safety wear, primarily by the introduction of this photoluminescent textile concept, called Luminight. Just like glow worms, these technical fabrics dyed using special pigments charge up during the day and emit light at night.

« With this new Made in France concept, we’ve designed a much stronger technical solution that uses cutting edge technology to create PPE safety vests; Luminight strips are placed alongside self-reflective strips so as to enhance the wearer’s safety.»

Fabrice Nicolas, Sales Director of TDV Industries

This new Cepovett Workwear range is likely to prove extremely popular with Construction sector workers, who typically experience challenging health and safety conditions. Designed solely for woven occupational wear as opposed to jersey wear, the Luminight concept is available in three colours (fluorescent yellow, grey and white) and comes in cotton and polyester.